Frequently Asked Questions

[By this we mean, “Questions that we think people would ask us if anyone ever asked us any questions about ourselves,” but that doesn’t make a good acronym.]

Q: What does Aeverling mean?

A: Always & everliving

Q: What’s with the bowling shirts?

A: they were the only thing that was clean

Q: You didn’t quit your day jobs, did you?

A: What are you trying to say?

Q: Where can I go to listen to Aeverling without having to travel anywhere, pay any money, or get off my couch?

A: Here or here

Q: Are you guys on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter?

A: How old do you think we are? We Facebook, we’ve been YouTube’d, and we Tweet.

Q: What about Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Flickr,  Reddit, and Tumblr?

A: OK, yeah. We are that old.

Q: Some of your instruments are weird. What are they?

A: In addition to her beloved Martin guitar, Juanita also plays a standard A-Style Ibanez mandolin and a Gold Tone “manjo” (a banjo with a mandolin tuning). Gary plays his gorgeous Petros guitar as well as a Deering Goodtime 5-string banjo, a Gretsch Resonator guitar, and a “bantar” (a 6-string banjo with guitar tuning). Lorinda loves her Larrivee guitar as much as her Collings guitar. She also plays the harmonica.

Q: Isn’t that a lot of instruments to lug around?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you guys really get matching tattoos? Really?

A: Yes, we really, really did.



Bonus Answer: Yes, we know it looks like it says, “RACK.” Then we added an ‘O’ around the star, and now it says, “ROCK star.”

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